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The Gospel Hiway KGHY strives to honor the Lord by following these stewardship practices:


1.) In keeping with the admonition found in Proverbs 22:7 that “the borrower is servant to the lender,” The Gospel Hiway KGHY will operate within the confines of the income the Lord provides through our listeners. In other words (we got no debt!!!)


2.) We commit to make careful and considerate decisions in advancing the ministry, so that each and every gift has maximum impact for the Kingdom.


3.) We will plan our budget carefully, keeping in mind not only the needs of the ministry, but our donor family.


4.) As a donor, you have entrusted us with important personal and financial information. The Gospel Hiway KGHY commits to maintain the highest levels of security on our internal computer network, as well as our external website. You can rest assured that all personal and financial information is available only to The Gospel Hiway KGHY, to allow us to properly correspond with you and document your support for tax purposes.

We thank God that with your help…this little, but mighty ministry, we are able to continue to broadcast biblical and historical truth as well as uplifting southern gospel music 24 hours a day!
On behalf of the staff, and management of The Gospel Hiway KGHY, let us thank you for your continuing prayer support of this ministry.


Because YOU care, we serve the LORD Together!!

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July Financial Report

Monthly Need - $10,800.00
Monthly Received - $3,901.00

Deficit - $ 6,899.00

updated 7/12/2024
updated weekly


KGHY Radio

PO Box 22602

Beaumont, Texas 77720

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