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KGHY wants to help our area church community as much as possible. The calendar is designed for individual churches and ministries. No Promoters Please. We do rely on your financial support. If your church or ministry is having an event, let us know about it and we’ll air it free of charge. Here are our guidelines. Send it in at least two (2) weeks in advance! Your announcement will air at lease one (1) time per day (usually more) and one (1) week prior to the event. PLEASE NOTE: No ticketed events will air on the community calendar. Please understand, due to production restraints, events sent to KGHY less than the two (2) week minimum may not be aired. Your event must be within the KGHY 88.5fm listening area. Your church or ministry must be the one submitting the event. KGHY reserves the right to edit or not-air an event sent to KGHY. Will your event need more airtime? to “Promote your Event”

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Your event must be within the KGHY 88.5fm listening area.

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July Financial Report

Monthly Need - $10,800.00
Monthly Received - $3,901.00

Deficit - $ 6,899.00

updated 7/12/2024
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