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Q: Does sponsoring KGHY really make a difference?

A: It makes a huge difference in our monthly budget!

Sponsoring  KGHY is simple. Below are the current rate, and what you can expect.

100 times – that’s 3-4 times per day at $200 each month

Here’s what’s mentioned.

  • Name of Church/Business

  • A brief description of Services offered (limit to no more than 4 menu items)

  • Location/Address

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Slogan*

  • NOTE: This level of sponsorship will also include our morning weather reports from 6-9am M-F. This is above and beyond the normal 3 times per day.


Listen to our underwriting spots:

Business Sponsor

Church Sponsor

*Note: Motto’s or slogans may also be included for purposes of such description, so long as they are value-neutral.
Please Read our Acknowledgement Guidelines to understand how a “Non-Commercial” radio station must follow FCC guidelines.

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June Financial Report

Monthly Need - $10,800.00
Monthly Received - $3,867.00

Deficit - $ 6,933.00

updated 6/14/2024
updated weekly


KGHY Radio

PO Box 22602

Beaumont, Texas 77720

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