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The regulation of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) require that payments to a broadcast station for the sponsorship of its programming must be acknowledged over-the-air.  However, the FCC limits the content of these announcements in the case of public radio stations such as KGHY.  As part of its ongoing effort to comply with FCC regulation, KGHY has prepared the following for its own guidance and that of its donors.

The acknowledgment of donors to noncommercial stations is limited to such information as is reasonably necessary for the purpose of identification, including:  the donor’s name, location, telephone number and a description of product lines (including trade names) and services.  Motto’s or slogans may also be included for purposes of such description, so long as they are value-neutral.

In order to preserve the non-commercial character of public station, donor announcements may not be “promotional” in nature.  That is, they may not contain comparative or qualitative language of the type that is found in the “spots” that are run on commercial stations.  They should not attempt to persuade the listener to patronize the donor’s business by directly or implicitly proclaiming its relative superiority to the competition.

None of the foregoing limitations apply to announcements made on behalf of or acknowledging gifts from other non-profit entities.  Public radio stations are not prohibited from making announcements of a promotional nature regarding non-profit organizations.

Note to “for-profit” businesses:
The spot gives information as to who the business is, what they do, where they are located and their telephone number.  Due to FCC regulations, we are not permitted to use any qualitative language or calls to action.  Please understand that these mentions are meant to acknowledge your business’s financial support of the ministry, and is not intended to be advertising.  If what you are looking for is “radio advertising”, KGHY is NOT the station for you.  Any commercial benefit from the acknowledgments is coincidental.  Please note – some non-profit businesses do become business sponsors.  Because they are NON-PROFIT, you may hear calls to action and qualitative language in their spot, which is permitted by the FCC.

We want you to be a part of what we are doing here at The Gospel Hiway KGHY because you believe in what we are doing to promote the Kingdom.

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