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The Gospel Hiway KGHY strives to play the best quality in southern gospel music. Our standards are very high. The music we play is from professional groups or artists. We shy away from any non-professional music. Our music comes from the record labels, however sometimes an independent artist not affiliated with a particular record label will want their music considered for airplay. If you are a professional group or artist and have a project you would like for us to review for airplay, here are the guidelines.

  1. Professionally Produced. (No homemade CD’s produced, recorded, or dubbed on your home/office computer)

  2. Your music must be original and not from a soundtrack (e.g. Daywind Soundtracks, Crossroads Soundtracks, ETC.) That is considered karaoke which we don’t play.

  3. Quality is very important. (vocals on-key, instruments, etc.)

  4. A Bio on the group or artist so we can know more about you.

  5. No online submissions or downloads will be considered.


A question we get from time to time is…“I believe I met these guidelines but I am not hearing my music played.”  The answer may be your submission simply does not fit our format.

Note: The ministry of KGHY is an opportunity to reach someone for Christ. If a song being played is not of the best quality…then we will loose the opportunity to ever reach that person again. Please know our guidelines are not meant to hurt or be discouraging to you or anyone, but to strengthen the body of Christ as a whole.

Sending in your project does not guarantee airplay. The board of directors of KGHY/CCS Radio, Inc. will determine if your project will be put into rotation for airplay or not. All music submitted will become the property of KGHY/CCS Radio, Inc.

If you meet these standards, send it to…

KGHY Radio
P.O.Box 22602
Beaumont, Texas 77720
Attn: Music Director

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Monthly Received - $3,901.00

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KGHY Radio

PO Box 22602

Beaumont, Texas 77720

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